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Internet service provider Idalgo Telecom

Wireless internet connection in the outskirts of Slovenia.

We suggest the best solution for countryside: the optic fiber quality without great expenses for maintenance.

Our high-speed internet for the outskirts of Slovenia is already available in Goriška, Savinjska, Pomurska, Zasavska, Posavska, Koroška, Podravska, Notranjska,Gorenjska, Dolenjska, LJ-okolica but we do not stop in these locations. Even if you live in the outskirt of another province you still can make a request with no obligations and let us know we need to expand our networks. Probably we will be able to suggest a solution for you at once!

You can always rely upon us as a customer. We always respond quickly because everything we suggest is our responsibility and we don’t depend on third parties. Our subscription plans for wireless internet in the outskirts of Slovenia start from 39.99€ for individuals and 39.99€ for corporate clients. This price guarantees the speed and high quality service and is the lowest price on the market of wireless internet in Slovenia. Idalgo Telecom always finds solutions for fast wireless internet in the outskirts of Slovenia. We especially interested in the remote locations where other ISP quit. We can connect you in spite of any barriers and guarantee the demanded speed. We connect not only remote areas and many customers quit their current provider because Idalgo telecom provides high quality service on the lowest price in the market. You can send a request using this form below:

Why Idalgo Telecom?

  • Always the lowest price in the market of wireless internet connections in the outskirts of Slovenia
  • Guaranteed high-speed internet connection.
  • No minimal contract duration. You can unsubscribe every month – a sign of confidence in our service.
  • Unlimited data traffic and fast internet in remote locations of Slovenia.
  • More than 10000 satisfied customers in outer areas of the cities around the Europe. We have a wide experience in this field.
  • Idalgo telecom provides high quality and comfortable service. You don’t need to run a fiber optic; we suggest the same quality without high expenses for installation and subscription.
  • Stable and fast internet in outskirts of Slovenia with speed not depending on number of subscribers in your sector of mobile connection.
  • Our technology doesn’t depend on weather condition: rain, wind or icing up the antenna etc. Try it or ask your neighbors our customers about their experience with Idalgo Telecom in provinces of Slovenia.
  • Our encryption technology provides intrusion prevention for your network.

  • Just try it!
    You can get your money back if you’re not satisfied.