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Frequently asked technical questions (FAQ)


  • 1. What is the procedure from the request to Internet connection from A to Z?

    The connection procedure:

    • You send your request in our web site and we check up if the service is available at your address, send you charges, terms and conditions and also username and password for your personal Idalgo account. If you agree with the offer and general conditions, set up your personal account using this username and password and create a permission to linking your bank account to your personal Idalgo account. You hereby agree, that we automatically deduct from your account monthly subscription costs, one-time connection costs and any other related expenses.

    • The connection costs, the cost of subscription for the first month and other expenses if applicable are deducted after installation. Amounts depend on subscription plan you choose and connection conditions. If you are a business client, you will not receive login details for your personal Idalgo account, but you will receive a price offer from us by email.

    • Our technician will contact you after we receive your electronic permission to arrange the time for installation. He comes to your place at any time of your choice.

    • In some exceptional cases the environmental factors such as high buildings near your house may interfere with signal reception blocking it. In such exceptional cases we’ll cancel your permission for direct debit. If there are no barriers for signal, our technician will do the installation works immediately, connect to the Internet and show you the speed.

    • Monthly Internet expenses are being deducted from your account by advanced payment in the end of every month.
  • 2. May I use my own Wi-Fi router?

    It’s possible, but routers differ by quality (power, sensitivity to interference) and your own router can cause negative influence to the Internet speed. We guarantee the speed we declare for all of your devices if you use our Wi-Fi router. Furthermore we won’t be able to help you remotely with possible speed problems inside your house if you use your own Wi-Fi router.
  • 3. May I use Idalgo Telecom Internet in the street, for example at work or on vacation?

    It’s impossible. We provide wireless Internet access to your home or office with the same technology as fiber optic and ADSL connection.
  • 4. What does installation cost include?

    The installation cost includes delivery and mounting of standard wall bracket for antenna, installation and configuration of antenna, delivery of cable and cabling from the antenna to the computer/ wi-fi router 10 meters maximum, setting up a computer and connection to the Internet.
  • 5. Do I need to use landline?

  • 6. How much can I download?

    The amount of data you can send and receive is unlimited, but the BitTorrent and similar protocols apply a Fair use Policy, so it is possible that throughput for these protocols is limited by extreme volume of data traffic.
  • 7. Are there any additional charges for overuse?

  • 8. What is the minimal contract duration?

    There’s no long term agreement for 30 Mb/s subscription plan, you can cancel it within a month. The minimum contract duration for higher speed is 6 month, after that you can cancel it monthly. 9. Where are Idalgo Telecom services available? Here’s the link for you to see our coverage area
  • 9. Where are Idalgo Telecom services available?

    Here’s the link for you to see our coverage area
  • 10. What are the prices of different Idalgo Telecom subscriptions?

    You can see our prices and plans on our website in the Subscription plans section.

       • Home Internet: You can see our prices and plans on our website in the Internet.

       • Business Internet: You can see our prices and plans on our website in the Internet.

Still have any questions?

Please, fill in a form on Technical support page of your personal Idalgo account.