Fast Internet outside the city and in the countryside

Idalgo Telecom: the stable, affordable and high-speed Internet in the countryside is extremely important.

What Internet connection problems do people living in rural and remote places face?

The remote locations and countryside are outside of the built-up territory. They differ from urban areas with buildings or lack of infrastructure such as high-speed Internet connection.

According to data of 2015, a significant part of Slovenian families in remote areas still had a slow Internet connection with an average download speed of 6 Mbps. Streaming video and music, uploading multiple photos to your business website or online games are not possible at this speed.

Practically, the locations with no optic fiber or with conventional cable, ADSL or 4G have much slower Internet speed than the contract promises. The promised 20 Mbps will be available only at 5.00 in the morning, when all the neighbors are sleeping or if you live near the city.

As a result fast Internet is not available for lots of people in remote areas of Slovenia. This is a big loss for companies, farmers and families as well, whose children attending school or educating in our digital era.

Why high-speed Internet is important in remote locations?

We live in the digital technologies era and we need Internet not only for tourism industry but for life and work. It’s needless to say that fast Internet promotes the entrepreneurship and economic growth and provides better quality of life in villages and remote areas.

What are the ways to connect Internet in remote areas?

ADSL Internet has been launched almost everywhere in Slovenia (in other words Internet via landline). Due to ADSL technology the distance between your house and the district center affects your Internet speed – the farther you live – the slower speed you have.

Using the Internet through a television cable (i.e. coaxial cable) is not really an option because in many sparsely populated rural areas there is no cabling at all. Cable television and cable Internet are a rare occurrence in remote places.

Telecommunication companies often avoid locations situated far from the cities because of the high expenses: the distance between houses is too long for the fiber optic or coaxial cable connection. Natural obstacles (trees, streams) impede the construction of cable infrastructure and make it very expensive.

Business cases are often “hard to complete,” and not every resident is willing to pay a high price.

Mobile Internet (3G, 4G and 5G) does not guarantee Internet speed (i.e., your speed depends on the number of people in your sector and time of a day). Moreover, the coverage in the rural places and along the border is not equally good. The average Slovenian uses a fixed Internet connection with 100 times more traffic than on his 4G mobile phone per month. Since the mobile Internet is limited on the amount of data and very expensive with unlimited data traffic, it’s not a suitable alternative for most of people.

Delays and high prices are important limitations in Internet via satellite. The delay is caused by the fact that the satellite that transmits the signal is above the equator, and the signal takes time to cover the distance. It mostly causes problems with online games (i.e. with high ping) and some VPN connections.

In spite of the worldwide popularity of the fixed wireless high-speed Internet access, it is still relatively unknown in Slovenia.

We have a solution for the high-speed Internet in rural areas of Slovenia.

How does Idalgo Telecom solve it for you?

In fact, the telecommunication networks such as fiber optic or 4G are deployed in rural areas in the last turn either not used at all. Most of the people who need high-speed Internet in countryside don’t expect anything new and just wait for the future technologies to come. Idalgo Telecom is the only company who chooses the rural areas since the beginning of our business. The high-speed broadband Internet access in the countryside is our starting point and our major activity.

Idalgo Telecom offers a high-speed wireless alternative for your home or office. You can use our Internet wherever you want: in the city, on the outskirt, in the countryside or camping. This is the perfect solution for farmers or camping owners.

We explore your suburbs with drones and use special software to define any barriers for your signal. Thus we can effectively develop an appropriate solution for you and get ready for installation.

For € 1 you can get high speed broadband Internet access with guaranteed speed which doesn’t depend on amount of users in your region and your distance from the town.

We provide fast wireless Internet connection and you don’t need to worry about video interruption or any other problems. We connect fast and easy both in towns and in countryside!

Our one-time expenses are relatively higher than other Internet provider’s in the cities. They already have the entire necessary infrastructure and in our case we create it, so it demands specific knowledge and technology. The major part of one-time expenses is defined by technician’s work and his transportation costs and the remaining part includes cables and installation materials. The exact cost depends on your local situation.

Are you interested?

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