Fast Internet outside the town.

Why fast Internet in rural areas is so important?

Everybody wants to have high-speed Internet. But what is high-speed, and why fast Internet in rural areas is so important?

As you know, high-speed Internet in rural areas is a real concern for people for many years.

There are advantages of wireless high-speed Internet in rural areas. You don’t need a landline or cable TV – you pay less for stable high-speed Internet access with unlimited data traffic. And our wireless connection is also good for environment.

What speed do you need in countryside?

What speed do you need?

Here is our recommendation for streaming video and TV:

Image quality Recommended Speed Data usage
8 Mbps 1.8 GB/h 800 Mb/h

Conclusion: even if you watch Full HD videos with several people simultaneously you still can use 30Mb subscription plan with no concern.

While streaming games and music you use fewer throughputs than streaming movies. Everything is perfectly possible with Idalgo Telecom high-speed Internet in the rural areas and city’s outskirts.

We use modern technology of fixed wireless connection also known as «wireless optic» or «LTE Advanced»: reaching out optical fiber to our access towers then we transmit that optical wireless signal from our access tower to your house so you can get optical fiber quality connection without high expenses. The signal sent from our access tower is received by a small antenna installed from the outside of your house, and we run a cable to your computer or Wi-Fi router. Moreover , we monitor your connection and guarantee you will get what you pay for: stable and fast Internet.

What are the benefits of our service?

Idalgo Telecom provides fast and stable Internet in rural areas, in and out of towns for reasonable prices.

Our subscription plans start from 39.99 € for individuals and from 39,99 € for corporate clients.

Other technologies can’t provide competitive quality of service for such an attractive price.

We provide stable Internet regardless the number of connected subscribers, time of day or weather conditions. You get your individual Internet connection in the same way as fiber optic and cable for reasonable price. You do not share your speed with other users and it’s guaranteed, unlike the case with mobile providers.

You can connect at a speed up to 100 Mbps with our LTE Advanced technology. We are constantly working to improve our technology with leading developers.

We already have more than 10000 customers. More than 550000 of our European partners use the same technology and equipment that makes Internet service providing proven and reliable in any circumstances.

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