Internet experience in Slovenia

Idalgo Telecom - Internet service provider in rural areas of Slovenia.

  • You are an entrepreneur but throughput of your ADSL connection can’t provide you comfortable work. You can’t handle your online administration or do it at night when the connection is better.
  • You’re a camping owner and you have to disappoint your guests because of the Wi-Fi non-availability.
  • You’re a private person and like streaming video and music but you don’t have high-speed Internet connection.
  • You’ve registered for fiber optic connection but it develops very slowly in your region, so you notice that promises are not kept. The fiber optic provider does not fulfill the promise in spite of arrangements.
  • You are not satisfied with the customer support service of your current provider: you spend hours on the phone, and they always send you «from the closet to the wall» in a friendly manner.
  • You have a poor TV connection, and your Internet of current provider has many failures. The quality of service you get is too low for the money you pay.
  • You have bad wired Internet connection experience in Slovenia. You complained several times by email but didn’t receive any response. The customer support service of your current provider is hardly available, so you have to ask your questions on the online forum.
  • Your Internet experience in Slovenia does not meet your expectations: the Internet is often unavailable.
  • You have found that other providers offer more TV channels than your current provider.
  • Your Internet is too slow for online games or regularly gone haywire.
  • Your current Internet service provider knows all your problems but there’s still no improvement.
  • In case of malfunction the waiting time of your current Internet provider is 2or 3 days. The quality of service is really poor but you pay a lot for it. Nobody reacts on your complaints. You live too far from the city center and your ADSL connection is very slow. You’re not satisfied with your cable or fiber optic provider. Your mobile provider is very expensive, has limited data traffic and does not guarantee Internet speed.
  • Your current satellite Internet provider cannot guarantee low ping. You have problems with online games because of high ping, VPN connections and some websites like Netflix.

Why Idalgo Telecom?

You do not have a good Internet experience in Slovenia? Don’t worry! Times change for better, and ISPs also change technologies. New technologies and suppliers appear and offer competitive prices. Idalgo Telecom works in the cities and countryside, on the outskirts of towns and in rural areas. Your Internet provider is not the only one, you always have a choice. We’re flexible and professional.
  • Always low price per month.
  • We focus on solutions for remote locations and have proved our skills and technologies to more than 10000 customers. We are responsive, control the quality of each subscriber’s connection and are aware of any failures before you notice it. As a part of our European experience of Internet connection, all problems of our subscribers are solved within several hours. It’s much faster than other providers offer. We are easily available and you’ll get the immediate answer to your question without complicated menu or entering numbers. We react on any breakdown in short amount of time.
  • We don’t like unnecessary bureaucracy either! You will be surprised at how much we know. You will be satisfied with our support team. We’ll solve everything accurately and quickly for you. Our customer support service also works after working hours. Idalgo Telecom is a quality and convenient service.
  • Our TV subscription plan is very extensive! A standard plan includes many HD channels, 200 TV series on request, movies, etc.
  • We respect our clients and treat them the way we’d like us to be treated. We don’t mean to say that malfunctions are excluded, but we always do our best to resolve it for you very quickly.
  • Don’t worry you won’t be bound with long-term contract; you can test our service and cancel it in a month. The fact that the contract can be canceled in a month is a sign of our confidence in the quality of our services. Our technician will contact you to arrange the time for installation. We don’t have limits for data traffic as the mobile providers do. You will be connected as soon as possible within a week after your request. Idalgo Telecom is committed to quality and focuses on a reliable network with good service. We guarantee the speed of your fast Internet in rural areas of Slovenia.
  • We have more than 10000 satisfied customers and extensive experience of Internet connection in Europe. You don’t need to lay cable: we suggest fiber optic quality without high expenses for installation and subscription. Perfect service in provinces of Slovenia that exceeds your expectations when the speed does not depend on a number of subscribers in your mobile connection sector, time of a day or weather condition and our encryption technology provides secure network.
  • Our technology doesn’t depend on weather condition: rain, wind or icing up the antenna etc. Try it or ask your neighbors our customers about their experience with Idalgo Telecom in provinces of Slovenia.

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