Internet Slovenia

Do you want the best Internet in Slovenia?

Would you like to have the best Internet in Slovenia? We are the ones who care about you, nature and our planet and think about future generations.

We provide high-speed Internet in provinces of Slovenia, guarantee high quality service and aim to develop our technology all over the country to keep the nature in good condition. Idalgo Telecom does not do underground works and does not disturb flora and fauna by cabling. Our wireless connection has proved its harmlessness and is creating the most sustainable and ecological infrastructure for the Internet in Europe.

Can we compare wireless high-speed Internet access in provinces of Slovenia with fiber-optic connection? The modern technology of Idalgo Telecom makes it possible.

Do you care about our planet the way we do? We hope that due to your choice of high-speed Internet in provinces of Slovenia, we can change the environmental situation and provide better future for our children.

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