Need a high-speed Internet in Slovenia?

Idalgo Telecom provides the best solution available from March 2020.

Would you admit one of these Internet problems in Slovenia?
  • You are an entrepreneur but throughput of your ADSL connection can’t provide you a comfortable work. You’d like to run a webinar or to follow it but you don’t have fast Internet connection.
  • You’re a camping owner but you have to disappoint your guests because of the Wi-Fi inaccessibility and they choose another camping in Slovenia with high-speed Internet access.
  • Furthermore all your equipment works in a cloud - reservation tracking system, gate, washing machine, but you don’t have high-speed Internet in your region.
  • You are a private person, but you and your family members can’t get Internet access simultaneously, because it influences your connection. It takes too much time to download a text file of 10-15 pages or nothing happens at all. Sometimes your email with attachment being sent very slowly.
  • You are a private person who moved to rural area or in the outskirts of province and you and your family members are got used to have high-speed Internet connection. Your children like to play online games or to watch TV shows online, but it’s almost impossible in your new house in the village.
  • You are an advanced user who likes streaming video and music but you don’t have high-speed Internet connection.
  • You are a landlord and a company is interested in one of your places but ultimately they choose another one, with high-speed Internet access.
  • You are a farmer and you can’t handle your online administration or do it at night when the connection is better.

What is the international practice of solving the slow Internet connection problem in rural and outside the town areas worldwide?

Many companies in the world began to use wireless alternatives for high-speed Internet. Providers suggest competitive services and prices in the regions where fiber optic and cable are not available and those companies for which high-speed and stable Internet connection is crucial often choose wireless technology.

Wireless fast and stable Internet connection uses radio signals instead of cables and due to that technology high-speed and stable Internet in Slovenia is available. There’s no need in fiber optic or cable, you get fast and stable wireless Internet access.

How does Idalgo Telecom provide fast and stable Internet in provinces of Slovenia?

The installation and maintenance of the fiber optic network is expensive and takes lots of time, so it means it’s not always profitable to deploy it in every open space. But there are no limits for high-speed wireless Internet of Idalgo Telecom. We connect our access tower with a small antenna from the outside of your house or office, and then you can connect your Wi-Fi router and other devices to enjoy high-speed and stable Internet for competitive price. It’s also available in rural, outside the town areas and outskirts of Slovenia.

The fact that many households and farmers can’t have fast ADSL or fiber optic Internet connection, doesn’t mean that they don’t have any alternatives to get high-speed Internet.

Idalgo Telecom offers you a fast wireless alternative for your home or office. You can use our Internet everywhere in provinces of Slovenia – in rural areas, in the outskirts of the towns or in camping.

We use modern technology also known as «wireless optic»: reaching out optical fiber to our access towers then we transmit that optical wireless signal from our access tower to your house so you can get optical fiber quality connection without high expenses. The signal sent from our access tower is received by a small antenna installed from the outside of your house, and we run a cable to your computer or Wi-Fi router. We don’t sell someone else’s services and don’t use mobile networks. Moreover, we monitor your connection and guarantee you will get what you pay for: stable and fast Internet in provinces of Slovenia. Today we provide future tech for remote rural and outside the town areas.

In addition to the Internet connection, Idalgo Telecom provides digital telephony and TV, thus you have the same services as the customers of the fiber optic Internet providers. We also guarantee your speed and fiber optic quality in remote regions and countryside unlike some other providers.

Wonder if our service is available at your address?

Click here to see our coverage area. Is your location outside the coverage?

Please send us a request. We rapidly deploy our networks in those areas of Slovenia where high-speed Internet connection is mostly desirable.

Our prices for Internet connection are lower than those of our partners and competitors around the world and other providers in your region. Residents of remote regions or countryside are also eligible for competitive prices.

Are you interested?

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