Temporary Internet service in the street

You are a camping owner in Slovenia and there’s a great demand for Internet access in the summer but not in winter. Is it mandatory to buy an expensive subscription plan or to admit a long term contract? Absolutely not at all.

Idalgo Telecom provides temporary Internet connection in remote areas. It’s easy to reactivate the service in the summer or to reduce price in the winter.

Apply to us and we’ll make an offer based on your preferences.

You are a camping visitor and mobile Internet is not good for you or very expensive and also there’s no fiber optic connection. You regularly visit camping and would like to have fast temporary Internet. May be your neighbors want the same? It’s possible!

We evaluate and optimize the situation for every customer even if the connection is temporary.

Idalgo Telecom offers fast and stable Internet with the speed regardless the number of subscribers or time of a day. You will not find more reliable and affordable temporary Internet connection.

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